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Gymnasia has always been about the family small gym that prides itself on a quality gym that is never overcrowded.  That being said, Gymnasia is closing it main location due to several issues with the building.  The current owners can not get the issues repaired and resolved to stay at the location.  The landlord is also not willing to lease to the location the new party .  

Three individuals are coming together to create not one location, but three locations.  One in Mount Pocono, Pocono Lake and Blakeslee along the route 940 corridor.  They have agreed to continue the spirit of Gymnasia values and philosophy.  Also all members of Gymnasia will be released to the new group and have priority. 

The spirit of Gymnasia will live on with the core belief of a family gym that you can workout with minimal distractions.  The membership being controlled to prevent over crowding and creating a place with a comfortable atmosphere.  Each location will have a unique objective for the clients. 

End result is that after 6 years, Gymnasia Fitness Center concept and spirit will continue under a new name with new ownership.  The first location which will be a temporary site and will open January 1st in Pocono Lakes. Followed by the other locations being built out and open in the end of the third quarter of 2018 (possibly sooner).

Membership is limited and all access keys will work at the new locations. 


Stay tune to this page for the new link to the new site and location details.  If you have any questions, please use the message feature below, email or 

call 570-213-0377 (please note it better to email as we are building).


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